Koregon Hotel and Pool Villas is owned and managed by Koregon Villas, Inc. The company was registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 26. 2011.

The Koregon Hotel and Pool Villas is perfectly situated within the main zone of Clark Freeport Zone basically accommodating visitors on leisure or business travel.

At the moment, 70% has been developed in the 1.2 hectare property and currently on-site are 29 hotel rooms and 4BR pool villas, O2 Cafe, O2 Beer & Grill, Family KTV rooms, multi-function venue and swimming pools. The expansion plan is set to fully complete by the end of 2018.

Koregon Hotel also has a multi-function venue that is perfect for intimate family occasions, meetings or seminars. The venue has a seating capacity of 80-120 persons depending on the set up. It is also equipped with meeting facilities such as sound system, microphone, wide screen and projector; also, pens, pads and candies as amenities.

Koregon Hotel and Pool Villas working team is true to its commitment to provide "a homey holiday feel' every time our guests visit our hotel.

Truly, it is a home sweet home!

-to expand our hotel and villas and to grow side by side with our employees so as to enhance well-being and inspiration to the community by creating wonderful memories of guest experiences and services for the Hotel & Villa industry. In so much that our success will be shared and help mold a better society.

-it is the aim of our Koregon Team that we provide excellence in customer service that will meet most of our client’s needs and establish a profound relation with the community and become part of their wonderful experience and success whether its business or family matters.

Guests are Royalty. Our guests are Kings and Queens
-Guests are always the priority.

-the most important value for us, without it no one can’t get anywhere.

-we are always committed with our words and actions, this is to ensure that we deliver our guests' needs appropriately.

-our guests are majestic; therefore honesty is the key way to serve them.

-we practice flexibility willing to go the extra mile in meeting our guests' satisfaction.

Good Humor
-we believe that we can have fun serving and interact within appropriate measures even though we are unwavering in our commitment to delivery the best experience to our guests.